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healthy diet coach colorado


Certified Professional Health Coaches Who Care

Your Healthy Spot is an intuitive resource for anyone who wants to change their eating habits, try new weight loss methods, manage stress, energy deficiency, and prevent chronic illnesses. 


Managing one’s health is a balance like life itself. With the right approach, achievable goals, guidance, and innate wisdom it can be accomplished. Learning to understand your body’s needs is an awareness of food, body, and health.


Personalized Guidance Based On Your Needs 

At Your Healthy Spot, conducive training, guidance, and education are key to empowering you with the knowledge and skills to make better food choices leading to a healthy lifestyle.


This is not about food restrictions. It is about learning how to eat, enjoying what you eat, and being healthy!

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches support, guide, and encourage clients to set healthy achievable goals using our proven methods, training, and a positive determination to improve your health and wellness. In addition to being a mentor, our Heath Coaches hold their clients accountable for their successes and/or failures - we're on this journey together!

Health Coaches are an integral part of your healthcare team of professionals, connecting traditional healthcare to more intuitive and sustainable lifestyle changes.

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